Robot Sketch

Robot Sketch


3D Animation Process Flowchart(2D Class)

Script: Great films begin with great concepts. Writing this script is the backbone for every other process.

Story Board: Once a script page is ready, The story boarding is basically the picture form of the script, showing what actions will be happening.

Visual Development:  Visual development department begins to plan the look of the film, developing the style, tone, color and overall artistic approach to each and every sequence.

Casting: You need to cast the voice actors who voice will match the character being portrayed.

Modeling: The 3-D modelers will now begin to create the concept art into 3D models. Even Towns and accessories.

Rigging: The modeling department and determine how this character must move, where the bones, muscle and fat would be under their skin and how realistic or “cartoony” their actions must be in the film.

Layout: Layout has two distinct parts: Rough Layout and Final Layout. In Rough Layout, artists interpret and recreate the hand drawn 2D storyboard panels in a 3D CG environment. In doing so, these artists determine the initial 3D camera placement and motion along with the first pass of character blocking and staging.  Final Layout applies any additional camera polishing and tweaks to account for the new performances added by the Character Animators.

Character Animation: Animation that matches the voice. They create the life of the character.

Effects: The effects in the movie or game will now be added.

Lighting: The lighting which adds all lighting into the movie or game to create atmosphere.

Sound FX: The sounds and voices are now added in a clear and crisp fashion.

Final Mix: This is where all the final tweaks and tune ins happen.




Animation Process Flowchart


My (poor) shoe

The grey was supposed to be like trimming but it kept getting weird and I fiddled for it a good long while.

My shoe

Oh my goodness I tried so hard for this thing and I just could not make it work
It is anything from a bowling shoe to motion capture shoe.
It appears I can only make robots and non real things.